One Big Tip for Balancing Work and a Big Family – Video

ppckirk work life balance with a big family

I have 4 kids and own a business and it’s… exhausting at times! On the other hand, there are a number of things we can do to help with work/life balance so we get more out of that 24 hour day that we all have.

Here is a LinkedIn video I did talking about my primary tip for maintaining good work/life balance when your family is bustling! (Transcript below if you don’t want to watch the video).



Kirk Williams (ZATO Owner): Hey LinkedIn peeps, It’s Kirk again.

I wanted to talk to you today about the confluence of both business and family. So I have four kids, they’re seven and under, and it’s amazing, it’s a little crazy all the time. I really do enjoy it, but what we’ve found, my wife and I, is that we do have to figure out certain things about making that work, because it’s a little bit crazy at home and at work and trying to do all of that well.

What I wanted to communicate to you was just one thing that we’ve discovered that I think is really going to be helpful for you to enact. This isn’t going to fit well with every single person in every single family in every situation, but I do think that it works well for us, and I do think it has a chance of working great for you as well, if you’re trying to figure out how to balance family and work.

And I think that primary tip that I have, is put your kids to bed early.

So it might sound funny, it might sound weird, but what I found is that I usually get up, get rolling, get to work. Then I’ll come home and we’ll do some supper and we’ll spend time together, and then we actually put our kids down around 6:50-7:00 at night.

And for some people that might sound like it’s just crazy early, but what we’ve found is especially from the time that I get off work until about seven, I really invest that time directly into my kids and my family. And then we’re able to put them down, and what that does is from seven O’Clock on, to whatever it is your bedtime, let’s say it’s seven until ten, you have three hours now where you can focus on reading … To me that’s where you are taking that time, even though you have a lot of kids and a lot of work, that’s when you’re taking that time to rest and recover yourself, or maybe to spend some time with your significant other, or whatever it might be.

But it’s allowing you to be invest time in family, invest time in work, and then invest time in yourself and your needs as well, and be able to work that into a normal day that all the rest of us have.

So, I think that would be my one primary tip, if you’re trying to figure out how to balance work life with family, it’s not the only thing to do, it might not work perfectly for everyone, but one thing I would say is don’t keep the kids up until you go to bed at 10, put them down a 7, and enjoy that time, and rest and recover for the next day.