Stop Marketing for Your Competition! – A Bing Case Study

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Bing search has been gaining ground with a 17% register on the search market share rankings. Some say this is merely Bing and Google trading share in natural fluctuation. Since they have never hit 17% before, it is fair to assume this comes with legitimate growth as well. However, in my opinion, Bing is making a crucial mistake in marketing. It is marketing for Google. You’ve seen the advertisements: Bing takes on “the man”, rebels against the norm, breaks the “status quo.” It is to be lauded, right? My hope is to analyze that very question in this “Bing Case Study”. As you know no doubt read in my last article (you didn’t? Then you can read it right here: Do Your Customers Know Why They Should Buy What You Offer?), what makes a company’s marketing especially strong is emphasizing and drawing attention to the quality of it’s product/service rather …

Making Marketing Click: My Feature in the Billings Gazette

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I met with Tom Howard, the business editor for the Billings Gazette, about a month ago, and immediately came to appreciate his quick wit, kind demeanor, and shared love for coffee. We headed over to Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters and talked internet marketing over an excellent cup of coffee (I’m not usually a house-blend sort of guy, but they had just run out of the single origin coffee and I didn’t want to wait… it was actually quite good for a blend!). Here is the article he wrote as a result of that interview: Making Marketing Click: Five Minutes with Kirk Williams Read Article

Introducing Brielle – A New Marketer Has Been Born

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I’m delighted to announce the birth of our second child, Brielle! I couldn’t help but write a blogpost about it because, well, it’s my website and my daughter 😉 Both mother and daughter are doing well and I’m excited to have another marketer in the family now! Enjoy the pictures below of our precious miracle, they are courtesy of my amazing wife… who happens to be a photographer in the Billings, MT region. See more amazing pictures on her website: eMarie Photography in Billings, MT.

Online Marketing – A Definition of Terms

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*image courtesy of eMarie Photography It is often the case when dealing with professionals in any industry, from flyfishing to insurance litigation, that various phrases come up often… and yet are completely foreign to the outside observer.  Flyfishing, which I’ve recently taken up with the help of my father-in-law, Dave Allen, has proven to completely stymie and confuse me… and that’s only after the kind of fly for that day has been discussed! At times, it helps to have someone around to help you understand what is meant by the unique terms in each field. Here are some of my own definitions for key terms that get tossed around in most online marketing conversations: A Definition of Terminology Adwords – This is the name for Google’s Paid Advertising Solution.  It allows advertisers to pay money to display on Google’s search engine, as well as other sites that have legal affiliation …

The Story – A Marketer’s Ace in The Hole

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When I was in college, I hated coffee. Hated it. I drank Mountain Dew to stay awake for an all-night paper, but never coffee (energy drinks were still gaining popularity). Then I went to work at a chain coffee shop. I began to appreciate the flavor that coffee added to sugary drinks like mochas and frozen blended drinks, though I still didn’t love drinking black coffee. Unfortunately, it was so dark and oily that I began to have stomach issues with GERD and acid reflux. I figured coffee would be something I enjoyed occasionally, but never daily. Then it happened. I took a job creating listings for a specialty coffee equipment supplier in Louisville, KY where the main salesman and account manager roasted his own coffee. I remember smelling the grounds after he had finished brewing and thinking “I can literally smell blueberries.” I was a skeptic, remember, but I …

Read My Billings Gazette Online Article

I recently wrote an article for the Billings Gazette online about some basic, but significant, optimization steps that can be taken to enhance the marketability of any website. You can read it here: How to Give New Life to an Old Website Read Article