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18 Statements You May Hear in a PPC Agency (In GIFs!)

In Bing Ads, General, General Marketing Principles, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Just for Fun, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Marketing by Kirk Williams

This is just for fun today. Since the animated GIF is the reason the internet was invented, I figured we could all enjoy ourselves today (since if you you’re reading this, you obviously survived last week’s Full-Moon-Friday-the-13th). These are all statements you may overhear in a PPC Agency. What You …

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The e-Commerce PPC Text Ad Is Not Dead

In Ecommerce, General, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Shopping Campaigns, Product Listing Ads, Search Engine Marketing by Kirk Williams

Goodbye e-Commerce PPC Text Ads… Wait, Really? Anyone doing e-Commerce PPC Marketing over the last couple of years has undoubtedly marveled at the change in scenery. As Google has invested more energy into Google Shopping (Base/Froogle/Product Ads/PLAs/etc), they have also handed more SERP real-estate to the PLA. In my opinion, …

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Naming PPC Campaigns – It’s More Important Than You Think

In Bing Ads, Campaign Strategy, General, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, PPC Advertising by Kirk Williams

What’s In a Name? Hi, I’m 10549678. What’s your number? Or perhaps people call you by your barcode? “Attention customers, I have an order ready for BEEEEEP-boop-boop-BOP-beep-BEEP” These notions are silly to you because shortly before or after you were born, you were given a name. That name may be …

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The Secret Conflict of MAP Pricing and Google Shopping

In Ecommerce, General, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Shopping Campaigns, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Marketing by Kirk Williams

Minimum Advertised Pricing is a controversial subject, unless you’ve never heard of it. In fact, it’s kind of boring unless it affects your business directly. Then it REALLY interests you. If you are a PPC agency that takes on e-commerce clients, than you need to be aware of this. It’s …

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All the 2014 Hero Conference Presentations in One Place!

In Bing Ads, General, Google Adwords, Hero Conference, Housekeeping Items, PPC Advertising, PPC Chat, Search Engine Marketing by Kirk Williams

2014 Hero Conference Lecture Slide Repository Today I thought, “I wish someone would have links to all the 2014 Hero Conference lecture slides in one place so those of us who didn’t attend could see them.” Then I realized I was being lazy… so here you go 🙂 Here are …

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KE Creative Marketing is Now ZATO

In Branding, General, Welcome by Kirk Williams

If you have been here before, you’ve probably noticed something different. We recently rebranded our business from KE Creative Marketing to ZATO! As a friend recently told me, “the more I see the word ZATO, the more I like it.” I love it too, in its grab-you-simplicity and am excited …