Things I’ve Learned from Mental Health Days Thus Far – Video

zato mental health days

I recently published my first video to LinkedIn, and I did so on one of my Mental Health Days! You can see it below, or read the transcript if you’re like me and are one of the 0.07% in the world who don’t like videos 🙂 Remember to stay in good mental health!




Kirk Williams (ZATO Owner): Hey, what up LinkedIn peeps? Thought I’d do my first video, and do it on one of my mental health days.

So ZATO, my agency, we started doing mental health days here in 2018, and honestly, so this is my third, and honestly I hated the first one, and I started to figure out the second one, and I think on this third one I’m finally starting to get it. And I wanted to communicate some of the things around that in case you do mental health days, or even if you’re just taking a day off in order to revive your mental health, I guess. To revive your desire to get back to work, to be able to spend time decompressing, kind of getting your brain reset so that as you get back into work the next day or over the weekend, you can really plug in deep.

Honestly from a business perspective as an owner that’s one of the reasons that I love mental health days for my employees as well. We actually state as we talk about the mental health day, we actually state, “Hey, this is not a day to go work on all of those stressful home tasks that have been building up and you just want to get them done.” That’s not the purpose of this day. I’m actually paying you, so pretend that you’re in the office, but the point of it is that you do something that’s going to just mentally put you at ease.

So maybe that’s reading a fiction book, maybe that is playing four hours of video games. Whatever it might be. The purpose of it is to actually reset your brain and have you ready and excited to get back into work, so you’re not overworked. And what I can tell you now after just a few of them, is that it takes a little bit getting used to. I really struggled the first day, I actually … I made the mistake of being at home, and I was just grumpy. My wife was like, “You’re so irritable on mental health days.” HA! Because I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t prepared.

And so, I would say a few things. First, do something that actually does relax you. So for me, it’s a fun task where I can multitask. And that sounds crazy, but what I do is I listen to a book on tape that I’ve been … Tape? What is this, 2003? A book on Kindle, Alexa reads it to me. And I do that while I do something. So right now I’ve been wanting to change all the lights in my wife’s studio for awhile, and I’m listening to a book and changing them around. And I am happier than a clam in the ocean, all right?

And so really I think the key is to find whatever it is that really kind of resets you, and has you prepped for the next day. If you do start mental health days, give them a try, because as I’m learning, I’m getting to the point where I’m liking them more, but it does take a lot of time. So definitely worth it, but you’ve got to do them right.

Here’s to mental health, have a good Friday everyone. A good Good Friday, and a great Easter weekend. Thanks.