Tracking – A Remarketing Parody of Pharrell Williams: Happy

remarketing parody

Perhaps you’ve heard Pharrell Williams croon an upbeat tune containing words you weren’t quite sure went together (or do you not go around clapping like a room with no roof??). Perhaps you’ve heard that song and thought, “I wish someone, anyone, would turn this song into a remarketing spoof.” If you have longed for this to happen, then settle back. The time is now.

I wrote, recorded, and iMovied the best I could. Enjoy my amateurish attempt at SEM fun:


You think you’re crazy when my ads you see.
Sometimes it seems like I can be real creepy.
I’m a…everywhere on earth that you seem to be.
Whenever you browse around the web on your Surface 3.

Because I’m Tracking! (Click on my ad and you’ll feel like a room with a glass roof.)

Because I’m Tracking! (No matter where you go, you’ll see my ads appear like: “poof!”)

Because I’m Tracking! (Don’t ask me how I follow you, it denies all logical proof.)

Because I’m Tracking! (Click on my ad, because you know it’s really what you want to do.)

You came to my site clicking this and that
Not really knowing you were bout to be tracked
Well I should probably warn you with this fact
Erase all your cookies or I’ll be back.

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