ZATO Mental Health Days

This cow has nothing to do with mental health day, but when I searched in the free image tool for “happy” it popped up, and it made me happy, so here you go.

I’m excited to announce that with the growing team at ZATO, our benefits are also expanding.

Mental health is a crucial part of our physiological makeup, and beginning January 2018, all ZATO team members will be taking off a monthly Mental Health Day.

This will give us a chance to rest our brains, write that song we’ve had in our heads, paint that picture we’ve imagined, hike in the cell-phone-less mountains, or just read Harry Potter (again) next to a fireplace.

As we do this, the pushback we expect is that our business cannot sustain 12 additional days off in a year, however we disagree with our work society’s obsession with pinning value to time.

We believe that our team member value isn’t comprised in the number of hours we log, but in the quality of that work.  As the business owner, I’m willing to put my (literal) money where my mouth is and invest in happier, healthier team members who can look beyond a culture of work-addiction.

Speaking personally, I need this as a business owner. I am the most guilty of chasing the empty inbox at the expense of my overworked brain, and have had more than one day in which I showed up for work the next day at 7am after having worked to 11pm and feeling like I hadn’t even been home and to sleep… as if the week was just one long work day.

The funny thing is, we all know how much more excited we are and mentally able to focus on our tasks when our brains have actually had that needed rest.

Admittedly, not every business can manage the entire company taking time off like this, but this is one way in which we’re going to be doing our best to work this into our company culture. I hope our culture continues to evolve beyond seeing its identity as wrapped up in their employment, and this is one small way, one small company is trying to do its part to buck against that trend.

So, go recharge, get refreshed, and come back more excited then ever to tackle tomorrow’s challenges!