ZATO PPC Marketing in Billings MT

What is ZATO?

ZATO is an online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency in Billings, MT, specializing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising through the Google Adwords Search Network, Display Network, and Bing Ads.

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The name ZATO is inspired by the Greek verb ζητέω (dzay-teh-oh) which means “to search, seek, or inquire after”. ZATO’s owner spent 7 semesters of under-grad and grad work in Koine Greek so it only seemed fitting to combine a love of the Biblical languages with a love of search marketing!

Business Partners Include:

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servicemaster of kalamazoo clayton

Clayton Lyczynski II

Director of Business Development

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“My job is to grow our company into the future. Clearly, PPC is part of any good web marketing strategy. ZATO continues to play a critical role in taking our 60+ year old company and getting us in front of our potential customers in the Kalamazoo region. The personal, friendly, and professional services provided by ZATO, gives me the assistance and confidence to dominate my local market.”

prima supply marketing director josh moxon

Joshua Moxon

Marketing Director

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“As an e-commerce website with a national customer base and a large product catalog it was important that we partnered with someone who could handle the scope of the project. We found Kirk to be well equipped to devise and execute a PPC strategy on a national level. “


Data Ownership ~ When you hire us, you are hiring us to manage your data. We do not keep your accounts hidden from you and send you reports of data for which we alone have access. If we ever part ways, you own 100% of the accounts setup by me, and 100% of the data. In this line of work, historical data is king and if you hire us, your data always belongs to you. Always.

Google Partner Badge for Google AdwordsZATO is Bing Certified

Certification ~ Thanks to the certification process of both Google and Bing, you can be assured that you are hiring a company skilled in PPC marketing. ZATO is an official Google Partner with Google Adwords and every member of ZATO is also an accredited Bing Ads professional.

SMB Friendly ~ Every business is different. You don’t run your business like the person down the street, so your PPC marketing plan shouldn’t look like their’s either. Working with you is not just another job, it is a chance to find a unique and creative solution that will identify your business strengths and present those in an attractive way to your customers on Google and Bing. This involves intentional and ongoing communication to best evolve the account into what will best represent your unique business and target your unique audience. While we are comfortable managing any size account, we especially enjoy working with small or medium sized businesses. We utilize a tiered pricing approach that allows ZATO to grow with a smaller business so management fees are more affordable initially until proven success has been demonstrated.

ZATO has experience working in the following industries: B2B e-commerce industrial equipment, B2C e-commerce natural health products, B2C e-commerce apparel, software lead generation, and lead generation in service industries including house & business cleaning, photography, rental housing, and insurance.

What Services Does ZATO Provide?

Agency PPC Management

ZATO is a PPC Agency that manages your PPC account through an initial setup, and monthly maintenance. We are not a “Fire-and-Forget” agency that sets up your account and moves on to a newer client. We continually monitor and manage your account to ensure that your budget is being spent in the best way possible, and to identify new avenues for profit development.

If you don’t have an agency or in-house team, yet want to advertise to prospective clients and customers on Google or Bing, then this is the best option for you. We’ll create an account for you, take care of linking all of the necessary accounts, consult with your team about how best to represent your brand online and identify your target audience, and then manage your campaigns monthly. In other words, this option frees you up to do what you do best, run your business, while we can do what we do best… get your business found by the right customers online!

In-House Support

This is where you should look if you have a current agency or in-house team running your Search Engine Marketing ads already. There are three key ways of support that ZATO can offer your in-house team.

PPC Training

Has your business recently moved PPC in-house? Be cautious in assuming that it is cheaper for an employee to learn PPC on your dime! PPC, like any specialty, requires time for learning… and the cost of learning with no help on your marketing budget could be substantially greater than it would cost to hire an expert for 1 on 1 training. This training will help ensure your employee is better set from the beginning and better understands principles that could save costly mistakes in the future.

ZATO offers a boost past the initial PPC learning curve. ZATO’s owner, Kirk, will design a training program tailor made for your specific needs and then will come to your business (anywhere in the world) for an intensive time of 1 on 1 (or team) training. This training will be hands-on and interactive and will provide the essential benefit of rapid answers for rapid questions that will come when learning a complicated art like PPC.

PPC Audits

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A PPC Audit is a one time account review (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or both) in which we focus on key areas of improvement for the account to make it more profitable. This includes identifying campaign settings best practices, utilizing Search Query Results to identify wasted cost keyword spend or missed keyword opportunities, as well account organization suggestions and many other areas of potential profitability increase.

An audit is the best option if you believe your account can become more profitable, but are running out of ideas to make that happen!

PPC Account Overhauls

This is a one-time account overhaul in which our team will perform a PPC Audit on your account, and then actually make the suggested changes to the account. This is a great option if you are utilizing an in-house team that is continuing to learn and grow in the area of PPC. We will also spend time consulting regarding the decisions made so when we walk away, your in-house PPC team is more informed and educated in all things PPC!

Who Is ZATO?

Our owner, Kirk Williams, started ZATO in 2011 (back then, it was KE Creative). He has a special love for e-commerce PPC and is specifically learned in Google Shopping, but also feels right at home in lead generation and B2B. He is individually certified in Google Adwords and Bing Ads, and has personally logged over 9,000 hours in PPC related work. Kirk stays on top of the constant changes in PPC by reading the latest blogs, articles, and participating regularly at #PPCChat on Twitter, a weekly Twitter chat among professionals specifically focused on best practices in PPC.


In 2014, Kirk was named one of the Best PPC eCommerce Experts by PPC Hero. He has guest-blogged on Moz, PPC Hero, KlientBoost, and the Bing Ads blog. In 2015 Kirk was named 1 of the Top 5 Rising Stars of PPC by PPC Hero and 1 of the 30 Best PPC Experts to Follow by White Shark Media. If you follow him on twitter, you know he likes to make dumb PPC memes..

Kirk has booked speaking engagements at events such as SMX West & SMX East, SLCSEM Digital Marketing Conference, Hero Conference in London (slides) and State of Search in Dallas (slides). If you are interested in contacting him for speaking opportunities, please fill out the form below.


When he pulls himself away from stats and campaigns, Kirk can be found volunteering as a Board Member at the Billings Advertising and Marketing Club, doing his best to follow Jesus, loving his wife, trying to keep up with his children, serving at LifeWay Church, hiking in the mountains, flyfishing on the Bighorn or Stillwater Rivers, elk hunting, reading, or watching anything by J.J. Abrams. You can connect with Kirk on these Social Media channels: google+, twitter, and linkedin.

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