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Ponderings of a PPC Professional

- by Kirk Williams

Kirk takes his years of experience managing PPC accounts and navigating the complexities of building his agency to share insights on everything from attribution and cows to PPC Pricing Models. Whether the reader is just beginning in the world of PPC, or is a tried and true expert hoping to find new insights into common problems, Ponderings of a PPC Professional is worth the read.
Available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Personal, Timely, Intent
The Keyword is the True Power of Paid Search
Chapter 2 - The Purchase Funnel
And Why It Matters in Paid Search
Chapter 3 - Advertiser Data Rights
And Why This is a Core Battlefront for Marketing in this Decade
Chapter 4 - Data and Automation
And When They Don’t Get Along
Chapter 5 - Don't Strangle the Funnel
When Optimizing PPC Campaigns Kills Businesses
Chapter 6 - Invest In Other Channels
You MUST Spend Money Outside PPC if You Want to Grow
Chapter 7 - Bidding Rules Rule
Understanding PPC Bidding Rules and Automation
Chapter 8 - Attribution is Terrible
But It's Important. It's Complicated
Chapter 9 - Attribution Continued
(Improper) Attribution Can Destroy Your Business
Chapter 10 - Growing PPC
Or, the Tenuous Balancing Act of Profit and Revenue
Chapter 11 - Crisis PPC
Advertise the Benefits, Not Just Facts, Especially in a Crisis
Chapter 12 - Starting a Consultancy
Going it Alone. How to Start a Solo PPC Consultancy
Chapter 13 - The One About PPC Pricing
Let’s Settle This Once and for All... Or Not Really.
Chapter 14 - The One About PPC Contracts
To Contract, or Not to Contract
Chapter 15 - Avoiding Bad Clients
Tough Talk: How to Identify (and Avoid) Bad Clients
Chapter 16 - In Conclusion Personal, Timely, Intent
You Can Go Home Now, We're Done.
Ponderings of PPC Professional Book - Kirk Williams and Book.

Not a PPCer? 🤖

Kirk's book delves into the thinking behind key digital components, anywhere from attribution to agency pricing models and you are sure to find some hidden, golden nuggets to apply to your own area of focus.

Student or Professor?  

Ponderings of a PPC Professional is an excellent option for a classroom setting. It teaches someone how to think about key aspects of digital marketing, not simply walk them through a tactical framework that may be out-dated in a year.

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🎉 Giveaway: Time for Free Digital Marketing Books and Coffee! 5 Lucky Winners 🎉

🎉 Giveaway: Time for Free Digital Marketing Books and Coffee! 5 Lucky Winners 🎉

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