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You send referrals - we send you cash!

We Pay Cash 💰 For Landed Clients. It's Easy As That!

Referral Partner Program by ZATO Marketing

We have found many agencies (and even clients) are just as excited about our Paid Search work as we are, and want to refer friends and business connections to us. We've now made the referral process easier than Google automation raising daily budgets unexpectedly (insider PPC joke)!

Easy Referral Process = Money In Your Pocket

Step 1: Fill out our referral form
Simply complete the form below (all fields required, we have to know how to get the cash to you).
Step 2: Your Referral Contacts Us
Make sure your lead is ready to go, by having them contact us on our ZATO Contact Form
Step 3: We Contact Your Lead & Get to Selling
Don't worry, we have awesome close rates!
Step 4: Your Lead Signs On with Us 🎉 🥳
Note, no payouts until lead money is in ZATO bank! Typically this takes 1-2 months depending on client decision & accounting procedure.
Step 5: You Submit Tax Documentation
Gotta make sure Uncle Sam gets his, ya know‽
Step 6: ZATO Pays You
We'll submit payment based on the details you left in the form below.
Step 7: You Love 💰 💰 💰 free money & Send More Referrals & Get Paid More!
It's free money so why not?!
SMB Program Referral Fee
$150 cash, paid upon successful form and first payment submission by the referred SMB client.
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Full Service Referral Fee
20% of the first invoice
20% of the first invoice in cash, paid upon successful payment submission by the referred Core PPC Service client.
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Referral Program Fee Details

Got a referral?

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