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Why Clients Choose ZATO

We love to develop long-term relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial and we build these relationships through time, results, and positive intentional communication.

"Our former Google Ads agency was nice, but not good at PPC. ZATO is nice to work with AND good at PPC!"

- Denver Rayburn, CEO of Interweave Brands

We're Specialists. PPC is ALL we do.

We aren’t a full-service digital marketing agency so we won’t be your go-to for SEO or email. When you hire us, you're hiring specialists.

Our singular focus gives us the bandwidth to dive deeper into your accounts. When you hire ZATO, you're hiring paid search people. Period.


We Are An Extension of Your Team.

We invest ourselves into your business and vertical as a natural extension of your team.

With regular calls, fast written responses, and strategic guidance we see ourselves as more than simple button-pushers, but your strategic key to long-term growth in the Paid Search channels. We're here to help.


You Aren't One in a Million (Accounts, That Is).

Our normal client longevity is measured in years, not in months because our clients stay with us as we stick with them. We won’t sacrifice older accounts just because something new and shiny comes along.

We have clients who have been with us for many years and we are careful to never ignore them when we add on a new client.

This also means we ensure we have the bandwidth to take on a new client so we can also invest the time needed in a new account to make it successful, right from the beginning. Then, we settle in for long-term growth.


Our Clients Stick Around

With our Full Service solution, you aren't one of 50 accounts managed by a stressed and overworked employee. In fact, we have more than one account still around that we have managed for a decade. That's right A DECADE of partnership.

We keep the ratio of clients to Account Managers low. This is crucial for us to form the deep strategic partnerships that we value with our clients.

After all, we can't meet your needs, if we can't remember what they are.


We Have Eyes On Your Account... DAILY... and We Never Stop Testing.

In addition to regular campaign optimization, we have a daily account analysis system called “The Daily Glance” to review top line metrics and trends.

This means we notice changes and anomalies quicker and can investigate and make changes with greater accuracy.

Endless Testing: PPC is a relatively stable advertising channel, but that doesn't mean it doesn't require constant tweaking to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. This is especially true with Google changes over time. At ZATO, we pride ourselves in constant testing within an account.

We don't want to trust the campaign we set up in another account, we want to actually see the data to determine whether that setup is the best for your account. Google best practices don't always work, so we are going to toss our opinions out the window, start a setup as best we can based on a decade of individual experience in each of our ZATO Account Managers, and then test endlessly to maximize your account efficiency and potential.

We have clients who have been with us for more than 10 years that still get ongoing testing from us. With Google changes, there is no end to testing opportunity, so we keep at it!


We Are Month-to-Month, Always.

At ZATO, we work off of month-to-month contracts, so there are no long-term commitments to an agency you just met.

Not only this, but if you decide to leave at any point, you get to keep your Ads accounts and data because we believe you own it.

Read more here: Why Do ZATO Clients Stick With Us?


You Want an Expert

If you partner with ZATO, you won’t be one of 150 accounts managed by an intern, in our Full Service Account program (separate from our SMB Program), you are one of 7-10 accounts managed by your ZATO contact, and our ZATO account managers have over a decade of experience within PPC, each. That's right, no being handed off to an intern at ZATO.

We purposefully give ourselves space to manage your account well.

Oh, and we have a lot of PPC experience between all of us here with over 50 years of experience between our 6 employees, so we know our Google Ads stuff.

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We Are About Your Growth, Not Our Own

ZATO doesn't have our own quarterly growth goals to hit. We just don't measure success by how quickly we make ZATO "big". We are more concerned with providing our clients with an agency they can trust to do great and consistent work on their accounts.

This actually means we're a bit of a boring partner. Maybe boring is the wrong word here, 🤔 think stable and dependable. We're not going to promise to grow your brand by XYZ 1000% scale in 26 days, because we think Google Ads is more about smart, efficient optimization changes over time (for established accounts, new accounts investing immediate spend can see significant growth of course!).

This also means we're not afraid to communicate the limitations of PPC, or even point out concerns with how our partner choices may harm their Google Ads program. We'd rather get to the truth than promise impossible growth.

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“Kirk and ZATO Marketing are my & Credo's first thought when approached by someone looking for Google Shopping help. Kirk has proven himself over and over to be a humble and helpful resource who is truly the best at what he does, and a world class human to know. I'm not an advertising expert myself, so when I have questions Kirk is my go-to and should be yours as well."
“ZATO gave us the best SEM/SHOP audit we’ve gotten from any outside firm. It was insightful, thorough, actionable, and delivered in a clear professional way. We were able to implement their recommendations within months and saw significant improvements.”
"Kirk is my industry go-to person when it comes to Shopping Ads. Whether I have a client looking for help with their shopping campaigns, a lead looking for someone seasoned, creative, and trustworthy to possibly work with, or if I have a question myself, Kirk is always helpful and willing to have a conversation."
"Kirk is one of the most talented and experienced Google Shopping experts that I know. I’ve had the privilege of viewing several of Kirk’s presentations at conferences as well as numerous other content pieces that he’s produced online - all chock full of actionable e-commerce expertise."
“Kirk is a highly intelligent and charismatic individual that I had the pleasure of working with while I was ZATO's Google rep. His skills in regards to AdWords and especially E-commerce are top notch. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients and truly cares about doing great work. Strongly recommend if you're looking for a PPC master.”

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