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The beauty of the Search Ads Network is that it has pioneered the incredibly accurate keyword targeting that made Google famous (and rich). The keyword allows you to target your audience individually, personally, and at exactly the right time since they are literally “telling” you (by typing) that they are interested in your product or service. When you hire ZATO, we take your business goals and purpose, and turn that into well-designed campaigns targeting the right people through the Google Search Network.

The PPC Easy Button you've been searching for

Our core business goal is simple: to provide our clients with exceptional Paid Search advertising in a way that also supports our employees health & well-being. With this in mind, we strategically partner with just 7-10 client accounts per team member resulting in higher-quality work + no burn-out for our valued team.
You Own the Data & the Account
With the ZATO Small Budgets Program, we believe that account ownership is 100% your right.
No Contracts (Month-to-Month)
We prefer to do business with people because it’s mutually beneficial. Not because we’re holding you hostage.
Daily Eyes on your Account
We look (with human eyes!) at every single account, every single business day.
USA Based
All of our PPC experts are USA based. We never outsource your account to someone across the world.
Monthly Reporting
We send an automated monthly report 8 days into the month that includes account KPIs & graphs.
Advanced PPC Expertise
When you hire us, you're hiring you're hiring paid search people. Period.
Google Ads Search & Display Network

But what does this actually look like? 

The trick is knowing what keywords the right people are searching for, the people who will actually become your customers, and how to think about ads, bidding, and a host of other things involved in the Paid Search ads auction. 

The way we think about your account across all channels (YouTube, Discovery, Display, Search, Shopping) is similar to how we think about each channel. We work with you to identify who your target audience is, and then we build campaigns targeting those people throughout their customer buying journeys. 

Think of it like this, you want to get people close to purchasing your products, but there are only so many people ready to buy RIGHT NOW. Wouldn’t you want to increase the number of people who would even consider your product? That’s where you need Top of Funnel as part of your strategy, that may look like more general (and generally lower cost) keywords, or other channels such as the Display Network and Discovery Campaigns that will help bring people into the funnel so you can nurture them throughout. 

We work with you in thinking through the best way to design your ads and identify the best audiences to target (whether that be custom audiences we are building for you within Google, or returning visitors to your site… what Google calls remarketing) to experiment with the Google Display Network (GDN) and Discovery campaigns along with your Search campaigns. 

Admittedly, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach here, because there isn’t one. Sometimes the GDN works well in accounts and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we try a specific way of building a Discovery campaign with remarketing audiences layered in, and sometimes we need to hold off on upper funnel until we can build the Search and Shopping tactics out to grow profit enough to move into the Top of Funnel campaigns. 

Whatever the best way to create your account, when you hire ZATO, you are hiring a team dedicated to strategizing deeply with you to build the very best Google Ads account utilizing the various channels to give you the best chance of success in PPC Marketing. 

“Kirk and ZATO Marketing are my & Credo's first thought when approached by someone looking for Google Shopping help. Kirk has proven himself over and over to be a humble and helpful resource who is truly the best at what he does, and a world class human to know. I'm not an advertising expert myself, so when I have questions Kirk is my go-to and should be yours as well."
"In seeking a partner to manage our Shopping Engine channel for KURU Footwear, we looked for the best. Nothing less would do. ZATO quickly became the only logical choice. Our faith in the team has been rewarded many times over."
"Kirk is my industry go-to person when it comes to Shopping Ads. Whether I have a client looking for help with their shopping campaigns, a lead looking for someone seasoned, creative, and trustworthy to possibly work with, or if I have a question myself, Kirk is always helpful and willing to have a conversation."
"Kirk is one of the most talented and experienced Google Shopping experts that I know. I’ve had the privilege of viewing several of Kirk’s presentations at conferences as well as numerous other content pieces that he’s produced online - all chock full of actionable e-commerce expertise."
“Kirk is a highly intelligent and charismatic individual that I had the pleasure of working with while I was ZATO's Google rep. His skills in regards to AdWords and especially E-commerce are top notch. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients and truly cares about doing great work. Strongly recommend if you're looking for a PPC master.”

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