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Under-utilized, but exceptionally successful. Search & Remarketing.

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E-Commerce Ads Are What We Do Best.

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Monthly Reports Filled with KPI’s for Continued Growth.

Awards and Recognition

  • Top 25 Most Influential PPCers 2016-2018

    Thousands of votes are cast each year on PPC Hero for the Top Most recognized PPCers in the world and ZATO Owner Kirk Williams has made the list 3 years in a row.

  • 1 of the Top 13 PPC Experts to Follow by Search Engine Journal

    Search Engine Journal recognizes the top PPCers to follow each year, and ZATO owner Kirk Williams was recently recognized on that list.

  • 1 of 21 Best SEM Experts in 2017

    Kirk was named one of 21 people named a top SEM expert in 2017 on People Maven.


What’s The Word

I had the pleasure of working with Kirk for several quarters on his company's AdWords account. Kirk is a highly effective, results driven individual who has an ambitious vision of success. He plans purposefully and executes effectively to ensure a return on investment.

Clayton, Director of Business Development

“His knowledge of paid search is extensive. He brings a high level of expertise and professionalism to each project. Kirk is proactive and constantly looking for solutions to issues as well as new ways to approach pre-existing processes. When it comes to managing accounts and relationships, he brings the best to the table: fun, easy-going personality; mature professionalism; deep expertise; and strong work ethic.

Joseph, Director at 3Q Digital

“My job is to grow our company into the future. ZATO continues to play a critical role in taking our 60+ year old company and getting us in front of our potential customers. The personal, friendly, and professional services provided by ZATO, gives me the assistance and confidence to dominate my local market.”

Jacob Mader, Google

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What Sets ZATO Apart?

We Have Eyes On Your Account… DAILY.

We have developed a customized proprietary analysis system called "The Daily Glance" that allows us to get human eyes on the important KPIs of your account to investigate anomalies... and we do that every single business day. This isn't all the work we do in your account by a long shot, but having human eyes on your account means we catch stuff quicker and can investigate curiosities more rapidly because we're actually in the account data.

We’re Specialists.

We are fiercely singular-focused on Paid Search. We aren’t a full-service agency so we won’t be your go-to for SEO or email. When you hire us, you're hiring specialists. This is what we do, day in and day out. We dive deeper than traditional all-in-one agencies because we're not forced to wear multiple hats. When you hire ZATO, you're hiring search and social experts. Period.

We Like Our Size.

We are purposefully small & proud of it and the agility it gives us. If you partner with ZATO, you won’t be one of 150 accounts managed by an intern. We will always be doing what we can in our sphere, to push you towards success. Many agencies have the goal of constantly growing which often results in overwhelming their account managers with too many accounts. Not ZATO. We're people who love our jobs, families, hobbies, and understand value beyond our work. This means we won’t sacrifice older accounts just because something new and shiny comes along.

We’re Obsessed With Long-Term Partnerships.

How much in switching costs have you spent in the last few years trying to find an agency that will truly get to know you and grow you over time? We have multiple clients who have been with us for years and years and rather than ignore them for the next client to come along, we value those partnerships even more. We desire long-standing relationships where we can continue to grow an account over years rather than try to focus on sales at the expense of solid, long-term account management.

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