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Whether you realize it or not, your business has a target audience. That is, your business meets the needs of specific people in specific ways. The problem is all the other people out there tend to get in the way (which is really quite bothersome).

With traditional advertising, you can find yourself spending thousands on people who may not be your target audience.

If only there was a way to target just the people you actually want to target, and minimize wasteful spend on the people who don’t care about your product?

Enter ZATO. With search and social advertising you can target the people who are most likely to buy from you, and reduce the money you spend on people who will never be your target audience.

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Search Advertising

Get Your Business on the First Page of Google or Bing.

Social Advertising

Large Audience Volume and Accurate Targeting.

E-Commerce & Product Ads

E-Commerce Ads Are What We Do Best.

Reporting & Analysis

Monthly Reports Filled with KPI’s for Continued Growth.




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Kind Words From Our Partners

“My job is to grow our company into the future. Clearly, PPC is part of any good web marketing strategy. ZATO continues to play a critical role in taking our 60+ year old company and getting us in front of our potential customers in the Kalamazoo region. The personal, friendly, and professional services provided by ZATO, gives me the assistance and confidence to dominate my local market.”Clayton L., Director of Business Development
“As an e-commerce website with a national customer base and a large product catalog it was important that we partnered with someone who could handle the scope of the project. We found Kirk to be well equipped to devise and execute a PPC strategy on a national level. “Joshua Moxon, Marketing Director

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Frederick Vallaeys interviews Kirk Williams about PPC agency pricing models, PLAs and remarketing at the Google Partners studio at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.
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Our clients are made up of companies with a passion for providing an excellent product to their customers. Working with ZATO means you want an honest PPC company you can grow with, manage your accounts with professionalism & care, and help you achieve your goals through PPC.

We understand the effect that a choice like this can have on your leads or revenue and we don’t take that lightly. Deciding on where you want to invest your advertising dollars is always a big decision. That’s why we always review your AdWords, Bing, or Facebook accounts to see if we would be a good fit.

Benefits of working with ZATO:
• Enterprise-Level PPC Quality with Small Agency Agility
• Monthly KPI Reports and Recommendations
• One-Stop Shop for Paid Search & Paid Social
• Value-Driven Mission of Honesty & Expertise First & Foremost

Preferred Partnerships:
• Ecommerce accounts (ZATO excels at advanced Google/Bing Shopping Ads and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads solutions)
• Ad Spend budgets between $10,000 – $250,000/month