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Are you a DTC brand (or retailer) looking for the best Google Shopping Agency? We've found many companies excel at Paid Search... but can struggle with Shopping Ads. ZATO partners with your existing Paid Search team or agency to affordably manage and grow only your Shopping Program. We fight to keep your Shopping Ads strategy up on the latest Platform changes, and to preserve your budget for the best customer searches. Google Shopping for DTC, FTW.

ZATO can help with Shopping Ads in the following Ways:

Since Shopping Ads is a unique product, it can seem intimidating to manage. Hire ZATO and we'll focus on what matters to keep your Shopping Ads humming along.


Ongoing Monthly Management
We manage your Shopping Ads so you can focus on other things like running your business.


GMC Diagnostics Audit
Have a suspension or account disapprovals? We can assist in identifying the problem and help get any issues lifted.


Shopping Campaign Setup Audit
Need recommendations for how to get things set up in your account? We’ll walk through your account and help you get it set up. This doesn’t include ongoing monthly management, but you can always tack that on later if you want.
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Our Shopping Ads Process

ZATO's team has spoken on Shopping Ads in Australia, Ireland, the UK, Italy, and all across the USA. Our experts have created multiple training courses on Shopping Ads for respected online course databases, and their articles are widely respected in the online Search Marketing community.

Research & Analysis Phase

Once you're ready to roll, we coordinate with your and your in-house team (or vendor partner) to identify the overall business strategy and profit goals. This will take place with onboarding questionnaire’s that we send to you, as well as initial consultation calls, and our own research of your products and market with our suite of tools & process.

Custom Account & Landing Page Set-up

ZATO learns your business through your communication and our research, after which we overhaul or create you a complete Shopping Ads strategy within your Google Ads account.

We use our industry-leading knowledge to identify the best campaign structure and feed optimizations to initially begin with. We're not stamping this account from every other account we have, we're actually analyzing your business and creating a custom setup just for you.

This is where the setup fee comes into play, because it’s not just a template build we’re doing for you, but a custom setup just for your brand.

Ongoing Optimization

Here's the secret to how we can offer our Shopping Ads expertise at such an affordable rate.

It's because we've developed processes and efficiencies through tools and time, so we are focusing our energy on the most important elements of the account and keeping up on bidding, query segmentation, audience & device targeting, promotion updates, and testing… always testing!

Add to that a healthy dose of smart automation (we utilize bid management in our accounts whenever the Smart bidding proves more successful than manual) and you have a recipe for success!

The Daily Glance

We look (with human eyes!) at every single account, every single business day. No exceptions.

Part of our process is to get eyes on the most important KPIs on your account on a daily basis just to ensure no craziness is going on. This is the best way we have found to eliminate account surprises and respond quickly when they unfortunately, but inevitably occur.

Google change something that jumps your CPCs? We’ll identify and act rapidly because of this and have saved our clients thousands of dollars in troubleshooting and solving issues rapidly.

Dedicated Google Ads Rep Support

ZATO is a Google Premier Partner agency. This in itself doesn't make us the best Google Shopping agency, but it does mean we get dedicated support to our Google strategist, and rapid support with the Google Shopping Team internally.

In fact, our owner Kirk is on a first name basis with a number of the Google Shopping team specialists because of our work on clients!

Even if something stumps us, we can get Google support to dig in and assist on issues quickly, ensuring we keep your account running at peak performance as much as possible.

Monthly Reporting

We send monthly reports along with our customized key takeaways designed specifically for your account that ensure the most important KPIs are in front of you.

This ensures you can keep up on account changes and stay informed!
Shopping Ads & Google Merchant Center

What Does Our Management Look Like?

Since Shopping Ads is a unique product, it can seem intimidating to manage. We focus on a few things to keep your Shopping Ads humming along.

First, we ensure Google Merchant Center is set up correctly and we test various elements in the feed in an ongoing manner, specifically around pricing.

In addition, we also assist with ongoing product errors and coordinating communication between Google, your feed provider, and you to ensure everything is moving smoothly when issues arise.

On the campaign side, we strategize to build the best setup we can, since a Shopping Ads setup is crucial to overall success.

Anybody with enough money and resources can blast a rocket into space, but if you want to make it to the moon, you have to point it in the right direction.

Setting up an account correctly is absolutely essential with Shopping Ads, especially in order to help point the machine algorithms in the right directions. We like to take what we learn from your target audience(s) and your product offerings, and build the ideal account structure.

Of course, then the work isn’t over since even the best strategized account needs to adapt to changes! Ongoing communication and work in the account will inevitably result in organization changes over time, and adaptation is crucial when it comes to Shopping Ads management.

“Kirk and ZATO Marketing are my & Credo's first thought when approached by someone looking for Google Shopping help. Kirk has proven himself over and over to be a humble and helpful resource who is truly the best at what he does, and a world class human to know. I'm not an advertising expert myself, so when I have questions Kirk is my go-to and should be yours as well."
"In seeking a partner to manage our Shopping Engine channel for KURU Footwear, we looked for the best. Nothing less would do. ZATO quickly became the only logical choice. Our faith in the team has been rewarded many times over."
"Kirk is my industry go-to person when it comes to Shopping Ads. Whether I have a client looking for help with their shopping campaigns, a lead looking for someone seasoned, creative, and trustworthy to possibly work with, or if I have a question myself, Kirk is always helpful and willing to have a conversation."
"Kirk is one of the most talented and experienced Google Shopping experts that I know. I’ve had the privilege of viewing several of Kirk’s presentations at conferences as well as numerous other content pieces that he’s produced online - all chock full of actionable e-commerce expertise."
“Kirk is a highly intelligent and charismatic individual that I had the pleasure of working with while I was ZATO's Google rep. His skills in regards to AdWords and especially E-commerce are top notch. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients and truly cares about doing great work. Strongly recommend if you're looking for a PPC master.”

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