All of My PPC Memes (So Far!)

Larry Kim's Quality Score Rebellion Star Wars ppc meme

It hit me that there is nowhere I can find all my PPC Memes in one place, so here is a post of all the ppc memes I’ve personally created that pertain to the wonderful art of PPC Marketing. Enjoy them, realize that some of them are very context/people specific so I apologize for the inside jokes, but they were funny at the time…

Most of them have to do with my fellow #ppcchat compatriots since they are both awesome and fun.


depressed stormtrooper ppc meme

ppc fortune cookie

ppc demotivational poster

balancing act micro smb ppc meme

adam sandler ppc ad testing meme

sad puppy expanded text ads meme

clixmarketing adwords close variant meme

adwords close variant ppc meme

adwords close variants match types ppc meme

close variant sherlock holmes tshirt ppc meme

michael phelps meme expanded text ads eta

expanded text ads meme eta

michael phelps google merchant center meme

jim rash and cyrus shepard meme

ppc guidelines like the pirate code meme

quality score reporting bing ads meme

ppc white and gold dress meme

llamas on the lam quality score meme

Sherman shocked look PPC Quality Score meme

Larry Kim's Quality Score Rebellion Star Wars ppc meme

Lego-Movie-Adwords Quality Score meme

747 ppc google shopping meme

Adwords scripts meme office space ppc

patrick henry google tag manager meme

proposal landing page form meme

PPCHat meme

calvin unbounce landing page meme

the matrix david szetela meme

keanu hack meme

baby adwords app meme

dan barker meme

business snapchat meme

robot larry kim meme

Google Sergey Brin Bonus Money to PPCchat members ppc meme

michelle m is not amused ppc meme clix marketing

ppcchat meme ppcchat is not amused

Bryant Garvin PPC Dictator PPCChat ppc meme


david hasselhoff music video ppc meme

bing shopping meme

ppc movie meme

monty python ppc meme

bing ads universal event tracking ppc meme

leo sussan scriptmaster ppcchat meme

dikembe mattumbro ppcchat meme

matt umbro ppc reverend google search partners ppc meme

goodbye google pla campaigns michael scott ppc meme

ppc nerds unite tshirt ppcchat ppc meme

ppc automation most interesting man in the world ppc meme

the future of adwords targeting options ppc meme

whitepaper meme

john gagnon from bing ads ppc meme

bing ads john gagnon meme

peanut gallery john gagnon meme

parks and rec chris traeger john gagnon meme

bing overtake google meme

Julie Bacchini neptune moon braveheart ppcchat ppc meme

luke alley ppcchat bad cop good cop ppc meme


sam owen ppc pipes meme

jb guru bring back our pipes ppc meme

melissa mackey mel66 ppcchat spartan ppc meme

wolfpack ppcchat tablets and desktops ppc meme

PPCChat goes underground meme picture ppc meme

ppcchat group picture at hero conference 2014 ppc meme

google penguin seo meme

susan wenograd ppcchat ppc meme

clix marketing employee meetings search madness clix meme

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