ZATO Welcomes Sarah Vlietstra to the Team

sarah vlietstra with ZATO PPC Marketing agency

sarah vlietstra with ZATO PPC Marketing agency We couldn’t be happier to welcome Sarah Vlietstra to the ZATO PPC Marketing team. 👏 🎉 💥

Sarah was ZATO’s Google rep for almost 2 years, and we liked working with her so much we decided it made sense to bring her on board the ZATO team! Representing Google for our clients means she already worked with us on numerous current accounts, and we’re looking forward to using that to our advantage as we strive to give our clients the best PPC management we are able to offer.

When not helping us with Googley questions, Sarah was working with hundreds of other agencies, and thousands of Google Ads accounts over the past 6 years, gathering specific insight into industry benchmarks, trends and data.

Vlad the ZATO tortoise Because of her time representing Google, she excels at implementing Google Ads best practices in ZATO clients to maximize machine learning applied intelligently through a human framework.

Sarah is also passionate about educating others regarding Paid Search products, and actually taught the existing ZATO team about a specific product on her first day ever working at ZATO! Sarah specifically brings YouTube and higher funnel awareness and strategy to the team that we are excited to add to our current knowledge base as we grow our clients across all stages of the buying journey.

Sarah currently reside in Tempe, Arizona with her husband, two sons, dog, cat, and Russian tortoise (Vladimir! -pictured here). She enjoys spending time with her family, getting house projects checked off the list, and traveling throughout Arizona and to her home state of Michigan.