Don't make a decision only from Math, Make a decision for your Mental Health.

Love Google Ads & Looking for New Opportunities?


You aren’t looking for a job that lacks communication and flexibility, requiring a daily grind that constantly bleeds into your personal life with no opportunity for growth.

You are looking for a purpose-driven career that’s met with a healthy company culture – a company that recognizes the whole person as essential to client success and provides an environment of leadership, development and opportunity.

We are ZATO, a PPC Marketing micro-agency of people just like you who enjoy a healthy work- life balance. We live and breathe pay-per-click marketing for 40 hours a week and then go home to the people and things we love and enjoy.


What we're all about

ZATO PPC Marketing specializes in Paid Search. We are purposefully small and perpetually ponder the big picture side of PPC. We manage Google Ads and Microsoft ads, including all channels within, and are recognized internationally as a Paid Search agency of experts (with a founder named one of the Top 25 Most Influential PPCers in the world by PPC Hero for five years running).

We’ve carved out a niche in the digital marketing world, focusing solely on PPC strategy for our clients without also taking on additional marketing channels such as social ads, email marketing, SEO, etc. This allows us to go deep, and become true experts in Paid Search.

Come join a team that thinks outside the box and values your voice.

Why we're different

At ZATO, we place a premium on employee well-being and job satisfaction. We value great communication, perceptive ponderings, and working as a team to get the most for our clients, our company, and you.

That’s why on top of a competitive salary and core benefits, ZATO offers Monthly Mental Health Days – one business day each month that you’re paid to take a mental breather. Pick the day and the way you relax (seriously… we’re paying you to intentionally relax). We want your job to be something you love, giving you more mental space and energy for personal and client growth.

We offer:

  • Work/life balance and a low-stress work environment
  • Emphasis on mental health with paid Monthly Mental Health Days
  • The ability to work remotely, structured for success
  • 100% Employee Health, Dental, Disability, & Vision insurance coverage
  • Competitive salary
  • Tiered PTO based on tenure, traditional paid holidays (plus your birthday!)
  • Employer match retirement options
  • Professional development opportunities with leaders in the PPC industry

What we're looking for

While we may or may not be hiring at exactly this moment, ZATO is typically looking for a Paid Search Specialist with 3+ years of experience in PPC marketing living anywhere in the U.S. We value creativity, innovation, communication, and critical thinking just as much as we value your PPC-specific skills.

The Paid Search Specialist position will manage a small number of client accounts in our Full-Service program – making the optimization decisions, strategizing on the account with the rest of our team, and communicating directly with clients on their results and goals.

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Please note, when we are ready to move forward, we will contact you for additional information such as your resume.