We are purposefully small. We aren’t embarrassed by our size (there are only 3 of us), we are proud of it. If you partner with ZATO, you won’t be one of 150 accounts managed by an intern. We will be obsessed with your account’s success and doing what we can in our sphere, to push you towards success.

We don’t have a core business goal of quintupling in size by next month by overwhelming ourselves with too many accounts. We are people who love our jobs, love our families, love life, and we don’t want to ruin all that by pushing too hard for that next dollar.

This doesn’t mean we don’t understand hard work, it does mean we won’t sacrifice your account on the altar of agency growth.

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Kirk Williams


Kirk Williams, started ZATO in 2011 (back then, it was KE Creative). He has a love for e-commerce PPC, specifically Google Shopping, but also feels right at home in lead generation and B2B. He is certified in Google Adwords & Bing Ads and participates regularly at #PPCChat on Twitter, a weekly Twitter chat among professionals specifically focused on best practices in PPC.

In 2017, Kirk was named #4 Most Influential PPC Expert, in 2016, #7 Most Influential PPC Expert, in 2015, #1 of the 30 Best PPC Experts by White Shark Media, & in 2014, one of the Best PPC eCommerce Experts by PPC Hero. He has guest-blogged on Moz, PPC Hero, KlientBoost, and the Bing Ads blog. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he likes to make dumb PPC memes.

He has booked speaking engagements at events such as SMX West & SMX East, SLCSEM Digital Marketing Conference, Hero Conference in London (Slides) and State of Search in Dallas (Slides). If you are interested in contacting him for speaking opportunities, fill out the form below.

When he pulls himself away from stats and campaigns, Kirk can be found volunteering as a Board Member at the Billings Advertising and Marketing Club, doing his best to follow Jesus, loving his wife, trying to keep up with his children, serving at LifeWay Church, hiking in the mountains, flyfishing on the Bighorn or Stillwater Rivers, elk hunting, reading, or watching anything by J.J. Abrams. You can connect with Kirk on Twitter, and Linkedin.

Tim Halloran

Social Advertising

Tim is our social advertising guru. He provides over five years of paid social & integrated marketing experience to ZATO. When he’s not “Excel-ing” and testing ad copy you can find him designing artwork for our client’s campaigns or brainstorming new strategies to test for our clients.

Since graduating with a Bachelors in Digital Marketing in 2012, Tim’s kept busy working in web design, social media management, & videography overseas and has interviewed executives at Pepsi, Dell, HP & Kingfisher Airlines. He’s been certified in Microsoft Excel, Bing Ads, AdWords Advanced Search, Hubspot, & Interactive Advertising Design from UCSD. Since the start of his career, he’s worked at agencies full-time managing SEM & social advertising accounts for companies in healthcare, higher ed, entertainment, travel, government, security, high-tech, and manufacturing.

When he’s logged off you’ll find him doing improv comedy, enjoying a good cup of coffee (or 10), being a cool uncle, touring breweries, reading fiction, biographies, technology or the WSJ. Ask him about the most recent super hero TV show or movie and you’ll get a longer answer then you bargained for. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Eric Marshall

Search Engine Marketing

Eric is a ZATO Paid Search Specialist. A marketer at heart, he’s passionate about developing big picture marketing ideas but also loves getting his hands dirty while sifting through click and conversion data, testing ad copy and digging into analytics to find hidden insights.

Eric’s career in digital marketing has spanned over a decade and he has been working specifically in PPC since 2009. Eric received a bachelor’s in Business Marketing from Montana State University and has since spent time in-house as the digital marketing manager at an award winning international adventure travel company and most recently was the digital marketing director at a local web design and marketing agency. He has a broad range of industry experience including extensive time spent doing SEO, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. He is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Eric spends most of his time outside of work with his wife and 3 kids. They have called Billings MT home since 2006 and enjoy spending time with friends, family and neighbors. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.



Past Speaking Engagements (Updated Aug 2018):

  • State of Search, Dallas – November 2018
  • Utah Digital Marketing Conference, SLC – August 2018
  • HeroConf, Austin – April 2018
  • SMX West, San Jose – March 2018
  • SEM Conference, Milwaukee – November 2017
  • Hero Conference, London – October 2017
  • 3XE, Dublin – October 2017
  • Confluence Conference, OKC – October 2017
  • Hero Conference, LA – April 2017
  • SMX West, San Jose – March 2017
  • Billings Advertising & Marketing Club, Billings – February 2017
  • State of Search, Dallas – November 2016
  • SMX East, NYC – September 2016
  • Confluence Conference, Oklahoma City – September 2016
  • Utah Digital Marketing Conference, SLC – August 2016
  • HeroConf, Philadelphia – April 2016
  • SMX West, San Jose – March 2016
  • Billings Advertising & Marketing Club, Billings – February 2016
  • State of Search, Dallas – November 2015
  • Hero Conference, London – October 2015