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Advertising in 2017 is incredibly different than the 1970’s (or even the early 2000's) and businesses increasingly need marketers who specialize in those differences.

We won't run your email campaigns.

We can't help you with your SEO.

We *can* offer our advanced knowledge of Search and Social advertising for the good of your business!

With a focus in Search and Social Marketing, we believe we can provide you unique service not typically guaranteed by a "Full Service" option. Likewise, we seek clients that genuinely value the experience and insights we bring to the table and are interested in long-term partnerships.

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Kirk Williams


Our owner, Kirk Williams, started ZATO in 2011 (back then, it was KE Creative). He has a love for e-commerce PPC, specifically Google Shopping, but also feels right at home in lead generation and B2B. He is certified in Google Adwords & Bing Ads and participates regularly at #PPCChat on Twitter, a weekly Twitter chat among professionals specifically focused on best practices in PPC.

In 2016, Kirk was named the #7 Most Influential PPC Expert. In 2015, he was named #1 of the Top 5 Rising Stars of PPC by PPC Hero and #1 of the 30 Best PPC Experts to Follow by White Shark Media. In 2014, he was named one of the Best PPC eCommerce Experts by PPC Hero. He has guest-blogged on Moz, PPC Hero, KlientBoost, and the Bing Ads blog. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he likes to make dumb PPC memes.

He has booked speaking engagements at events such as SMX West & SMX East, SLCSEM Digital Marketing Conference, Hero Conference in London (Slides) and State of Search in Dallas (Slides). If you are interested in contacting him for speaking opportunities, fill out the form below.

When he pulls himself away from stats and campaigns, Kirk can be found volunteering as a Board Member at the Billings Advertising and Marketing Club, doing his best to follow Jesus, loving his wife, trying to keep up with his children, serving at LifeWay Church, hiking in the mountains, flyfishing on the Bighorn or Stillwater Rivers, elk hunting, reading, or watching anything by J.J. Abrams. You can connect with Kirk on Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Tim Halloran

Head of Paid Social

Tim is ZATO’s paid social guru. He provides five years of PPC, paid social & integrated marketing experience. When he’s not writing and testing ad copy, diagnosing DPA feed issues for clients or pivoting in Excel you can find him designing bold artwork for our client’s display & social campaigns or coming up with new super-filtered lookalike audiences to test out.

In 2011, Tim was chosen for a marketing placement in Bangalore and experienced what it was like to work in a marketing agency overseas. During his tenure, he worked in web design, social media management, analytics, videography and directed interviews with executives at Pepsi, Dell, HP, & Kingfisher Airlines.

Since graduating with a Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing (BBA) five years ago, he’s kept busy getting certified in Bing, AdWords, & Interactive Advertising Design, as well as working full-time managing PPC & social advertising accounts for companies in healthcare, higher education, events, entertainment, travel, government, security, high-tech, and manufacturing.

When he’s not working, you’ll find him performing at Atlas Improv with his group Fun Fax, playing soccer, enjoying a Yirgacheffe via Chemex, traveling, being the resident IT guy for his extended family, reading about theology, technology, & fantasy worlds or more than likely, just being an introvert bingeing the most recent Netflix Original Series & tweeting directors about their awesome fight sequences. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Speaking Requests

Kirk speaking on Shopping Ads in Oklahoma City at Confluence Conference.