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Not all who ponder are lost. This is a unique PPC book, in that it does not primarily consist of Pay-Per-Click tactics or technical aspects of account creation and management (the what), but rather the framework of philosophy (the why). Kirk takes his years of experience managing PPC accounts and navigating the complexities of building his agency to share insights on everything from attribution and cows to PPC Pricing Models. Whether the reader is just beginning in the world of PPC, or is a tried and true expert hoping to find new insights into common problems, Ponderings of a PPC Professional is worth the investment.
ppc book by ppckirk williams
🤖 Not a PPCer? Kirk's book delves into the thinking behind key digital components, anywhere from attribution to agency pricing models and you are sure to find some hidden, golden nuggets to apply to your own area of focus. 👩🏽‍🎓 Student or Professor? Ponderings of a PPC Professional is an excellent option for a classroom setting. It teaches someone how to think about key aspects of digital marketing, not simply walk them through a tactical framework that may be out-dated in a year.


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Personal, Timely, Intent

    The Keyword is the True Power of Paid Search

  • Chapter 2 - The Purchase Funnel

    And Why It Matters in Paid Search

  • Chapter 3 - Advertiser Data Rights

    And Why This is a Core Battlefront for Marketing in this Decade

  • Chapter 4 - Data and Automation

    And When They Don’t Get Along

  • Chapter 5 - Don't Strangle the Funnel

    When Optimizing PPC Campaigns Kills Businesses

  • Chapter 6 - Invest In Other Channels

    You MUST Spend Money Outside PPC if You Want to Grow

  • Chapter 7 - Bidding Rules Rule

    Understanding PPC Bidding Rules and Automation

  • Chapter 8 - Attribution is Terrible

    But It's Important. It's Complicated

  • Chapter 9 - Attribution Continued

    (Improper) Attribution Can Destroy Your Business

  • Chapter 10 - Growing PPC

    Or, the Tenuous Balancing Act of Profit and Revenue

  • Chapter 11 - Crisis PPC

    Advertise the Benefits, Not Just Facts, Especially in a Crisis

  • Chapter 12 - Starting a Consultancy

    Going it Alone. How to Start a Solo PPC Consultancy

  • Chapter 13 - The One About PPC Pricing

    Let’s Settle This Once and for All... Or Not Really.

  • Chapter 14 - The One About PPC Contracts

    To Contract, or Not to Contract

  • Chapter 15 - Avoiding Bad Clients

    Tough Talk: How to Identify (and Avoid) Bad Clients

  • Chapter 16 - In Conclusion

    You Can Go Home Now, We're Done.

Praise for PPC Ponderings:

“Kirk is a seminal mind in the world of digital marketing, specifically his efforts around e-commerce and Google Shopping. His classical approach to modern technologies makes them easy to understand, tangible and relatable. This book offers a clever mix of strategic and tactical advice and is sure to become an essential read for beginners, seasoned practitioners and executives looking to turbocharge their marketing efforts.”

- Aaron Levy, Tinuiti, SEM Group Director

“What I like about this book is that it's sprinkled with personal anecdotes from the life of running a PPC agency. Hearing stories of how clients perceived things we as PPC experts take for granted helps frame the solutions Kirk proposes. It makes for an engaging and educational read.”

- Frederick Vallaeys, Optmyzr, CEO & Cofounder

"Kirk drops pearls of PPC wisdom in his own unique and refreshing way that feels more like having a conversation with him than reading a book. This isn’t a step-by-step optimization guide; this is create your adventure guide to critical thinking about search, the role it plays and has played in your digital marketing mix and challenging you to rethink some of your preconceived notions about PPC. I have been to hundreds of PPC and Digital Marketing conferences and I can honestly say that Kirk is one of a handful of individuals I always listen to because I learn so much from him; I’m as impressed with this book and how he delivers his well thought through views in a witty, genuine, and thought provoking way."

- Christi Olson, Microsoft, Director of SEM, Global Media

"The keyword is dead, long live audiences. No, the keyword is alive, audiences are a fad. These and many other arguments over automation, data ownership, and more have been had by PPC managers for years. Kirk does a good job of looking through the changing viewpoints of PPC management and providing many pro and con arguments to what the future holds in PPC. If you are looking for a fun read into the mind of a PPC marketer, you'll enjoy this book."

- Brad Geddes, Adalysis, Co-Founder; Author of Advanced Google AdWords

ppc book by ppckirk williams

Additional Book Reviews:

"Did you know that the purchase funnel is actually a series of "mazes?" And that there are some sure-fire ways to deal with difficult clients that improve the relationship? Kirk Williams' Ponderings of a PPC Professional is a must-read for anyone who wants to fine-tune their PPC consultancy or agency. The book won't replace your copy of Geddes' or Goodman's introductory masterpieces, but it's a perfect augmentation of both!"

- David Szetela, President, Paid Search Association; FMB Media, Owner and CEO

“Kirk Williams shares his practical philosophy on PPC in this book. His honesty is refreshing, especially in an industry that can sometimes get stuck in a dogmatic place on certain issues! If you are interested in thoughtful discussion of highly relevant topics, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Kirk has an approachable style that makes even complex topics easy to understand and follow. His book will certainly prompt some contemplation on how you’re approaching PPC – and that is always a good thing!”

- Julie Friedman Bacchini, President, Neptune Moon LLC

“When I think of PPC marketing, I think of Kirk and his expertise. This book is highly recommended for anyone needing a crash course in why we do PPC, how it works, and how it works in the present day. There are few people with deeper or broader expertise on the topic than Kirk.”

- John Doherty, CEO & Founder, Credo

“If you get into digital marketing thinking you'll win by being data-driven and quantitative, you're in for a rude awakening. Relationships and opinions still matter here, and Kirk understands this better than anyone. His hard-won experience of what it takes to not only manage accounts but to keep clients happy for the long haul will be invaluable to newbies and seasoned pros alike.”

- Amy Hebdon, Founder & CEO, Paid Search Magic

“Kirk Williams has written a must-read for those in the PPC industry. Whether you are just getting started or you have been in the game for a decade, Kirk skillfully weaves his philosophical musings with well-thought out practical strategies that you will be able to implement immediately. If you are in the PPC game then you need to read this book (and follow @PPCKirk on Twitter). You won’t regret it!”

- Stein Broeder, Microsoft, Senior Marketing Communications Manager; Author of The Business of Trust

“Kirk has always been one of the best in the PPC industry to share tactical knowledge as well as the many factors in the world that can affect your PPC efforts. This book perfectly ties those two topics together. Whether you are new to the industry or someone who has been working on accounts for years, you will find a refreshing POV about PPC that will help you grow in this profession no matter what industry you are in. Yes this book will help you become better at PPC, but the true value is walking away from this book a better overall marketer.”

- Joe Martinez, Paid Media Pros, Partner

"For those of us working within the paid search industry, it’s easy to get myopic. We start to lose the forest for the trees. Kirk’s approach to PPC in Ponderings Of A PPC Professional is a refreshing step back from mere tactics — instead he looks at a more holistic view of paid search. Rather than a blind trust of big data, audience personas, and various other catchphrase methodologies, Kirk instead points out the difference between sheer knowledge and actual wisdom. This book is perfect for the paid search marketer who finds themselves caught up in minutia (myself included!) and needs to get back to the fundamentals of good marketing: reaching people with a message, and understanding the technical aspects of accomplishing just that."

- Gil Gildner, Author or Becoming a Digital Marketer; Owner, Discosloth

“The majority of PPC content today is buried in the technical side of the industry. Kirk's book is a much needed exploration of how PPC works on a philosophical level. The best PPCers I have been around think more about the evergreen topics covered in this book than the technical side of being a PPC professional.”

- Jon Davis, Co-Founder,

“Ponderings of a PPC Professional by Kirk Williams is the PPC book we need right now. From the very first sentence, I was hooked. Kirk's conversational style combines deep PPC knowledge with skilled story-telling that will keep even the PPC newbie engaged. Covering a wide range of topics from audiences, to measurement, to client management, this book is a must-read for anyone who's ever managed or is thinking about managing paid search campaigns."

- Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor, Gyro

"Opinions in PPC can be binary. For automation, against automation. For the funnel, against the funnel. It is rare to find someone in PPC who is willing to stand on both sides of the fence and consider every angle. In Ponderings of a PPC Professional, Kirk does just that. This is a breakthrough book that addresses elements of our industry we do not always consider with relatable humor and actionable advice."

- Amalia Fowler, Director of Marketing Services, Snaptech Marketing

“Kirk is a treasure in the digital marketing industry and "Ponderings of a PPC Professional" is a one-of-a-kind glimpse into paid search as a whole. Beyond tactics & strategies, this book challenges you to think differently, question (almost) everything and will force you well out of your comfort zone when analyzing your marketing funnels to your attribution models. As much as "Ponderings of a PPC Professional" will help to grow your search campaigns, it will likely provide you more growth internally as an all-around modern marketer.”

- Greg Finn, Cypress North, Partner

“Your book is funny. I like all your jokes.”

- B. Williams, 9 yrs old, child of Kirk

Written by PPCKirk, Coming October 31

paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook


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