As a PPC Agency, We Want Your Entire Marketing Budget Right? Wrong! Here’s Why.

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Why would an agency like ZATO who only runs Paid Search not want all of your marketing budget? To get the full response to this great question, you’ll have to hop on over to Search Engine Journal to read my (Kirk) latest blogpost. In it, I discuss 5 Key Reasons why you want to make sure your budget is diversified beyond primarily just Paid Search.


Those 5 Reasons are:

(1) PPC Can’t Generate Demand. It’s primarily about Demand Capture, not Creating Demand and building a brand.

(2) PPC Is Only One Channel Within Advertising, Within Marketing! It was never meant to be all encompassing as an entire marketing budget.

(3) PPC Can Change Rapidly, & Thus Negatively Impact Your Entire Marketing Strategy If That’s All Paid Search

(4) The Stress On PPC Agencies (or In-House Employees) Is Higher Than It Needs To Be without budget diversification.

(5) The Business Who Doesn’t Insist On Marketing Diversification Isn’t a Healthy Business to Partner With As An Agency


You can read my entire thoughts and reasoning behind each of these 5 points over on Search Engine Journal:

5 Reasons You MUST Money Outside of PPC



ppckirk search engine journal