Limited Budget? 5 Reasons to Consider ZATO’s SMB Program

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First things first, it’s harder than ever to succeed at Google Ads with a small budget. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but we can’t ignore the fact that it is harder to do than ever before. If you have been seeing your Costs and Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) rising faster than your ability to raise your budget, you’ve likely wondered if Google Ads is even worth it for you. Well, this is the entire reason ZATO started our Small Budgets Program!


Not a “small business” but don’t have a lot of cash to burn on Google Ads?

We objectively call our program the “Small Budget Program” and not “Small Business Program”. There are multiple reasons as to why an account may be smaller budget… regardless of business size. Maybe your company recently had to cut costs, maybe you run a small business that is just getting into the Google universe, maybe your business is just looking for professional PPC management at a great price. No matter where you are in your PPC journey, here are 5 ways ZATO’s SMB program might be the perfect fit for you:



This is the big one! Over the course of several years (ZATO’s been around for 12 years and counting!) we began to identify that the vast majority of the best PPC managers and agencies were priced our of range of the smaller budgets. This is an unfortunate reality of supply and demand, and even ZATO had minimum spend requirements since we wanted to invest a certain level of energy into even the smallest accounts… which removed our ability to be priced at a rate most SMBs could afford.

This is where ZATO’s SMB Program comes in! We investigated every area of typical agency overheard cost and made them more efficient with automated processes. This DOES NOT mean we just let a computer run your account. In fact, our SMB account KPIs are looked at by human eyes every day! Which brings us to our next point:


2. Human-Led Machine Automation

We use smart human-led machine automation to more efficiently run your account with human oversight and accountability to ensure the account is always heading in the right direction. We utilize software such as Optmyzr (for management and reporting) to identify opportunities for us to make the most important changes in an account. Then we pass the savings over to you!

Pretty cool, right?



3. Communication

So what does communication look like in the Small Budgets Program? Well… we optimized that, too! Really, we looked at EVERYTHING!

The most important communication in a new PPC client relationship is at the very beginning. This is why we include all Email support requests in our setup fee for that first, all important month. One month of free communication for us to build your trust and really get your account ready and raring to go, and then we charge reasonable rates for ongoing communication as needed per account! This ensures that we keep our management fees as low as possible, and those who don’t need communication get extraordinarily low rates moving beyond the 1st month.

For more on what communication looks like after the introductory 1 month period, check our PPC for Small Budgets page here:


4. Account ownership:

Simply put… we NEVER hold your data hostage. We believe that account ownership is 100% your right! You pay for the data and it’s yours to keep. That means even if you decide to leave ZATO (boo, we would miss you) the account and data is yours. We believe that we can keep your business simply because of the great work that we do rather than holding access to your own account over your head. We want to form a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Everyone wins!


5. Upscaling and Flexibility!!

Maybe the ZATO SMB Program is perfect for you long-term and it matches all of your needs right out of the gate. That is totally and 100% great! But…

Just because you sign up for our SMB program does not mean you have to stay there. You can easily transition into one of our Full-Service programs if you would like to increase your budget or take advantage of the other benefits our Full-Service program offers.

Let’s face it… we live in an ever-changing environment. The economy is in constant flux and we want to be flexible with you.


So there you have it, there are 5 reasons (we could think of more, I’m sure!) that our Small Budgets Program may be just what your account needs in order to take it to the next level. Interested in learning more? Great!

We’d love to chat, check out our SMB Program here and then fill out the form when ready to get a FREE Account Analysis: Google Ads for Small Budgets Program


Google Ads Questions for smb owners




Chris is tasked with growing and developing the Google Ads for Small Budget program at ZATO. He’s passionate about marketing, with 10+ years of sales and management experience and has succeeded in those fields by streamlining operations and making his team and procedures as efficient and productive as possible. Outside of work, Chris spends his time with his wife and their 2 dogs. He has called Billings home for the past 32 years and he enjoys seeing and playing concerts (that’s right… he’s in a band), spending time with friends, and hiking around the Montana mountains.