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ppc ponderings book cover ppckirk williams ppc marketing book It’s here! The book everybody, and nobody, is talking about is finally here!

Now is your chance to pick up a paperback or kindle copy of Ponderings of a PPCer, in which I discuss everything from attribution & cows, to PPC Pricing models.

You can see more details, along with chapter names and reviews on the book page here: PPC Ponderings Book

Or, purchase directly from Amazon here: Buy PPC Ponderings on Amazon

Is the book any good? Well you can check out some of the early book reviews at the bottom of this page, but you might have to read it yourself before deciding… πŸ˜‰



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May the auctions be ever in your favor.

Praise for Ponderings of a PPCer:

Ponderings of a PPC Professional by Kirk Williams is the PPC book we need right now. From the very first sentence, I was hooked. Kirk’s conversational style combines deep PPC knowledge with skilled story-telling that will keep even the PPC newbie engaged. Covering a wide range of topics from audiences, to measurement, to client management, this book is a must-read for anyone who’s ever managed or is thinking about managing paid search campaigns.” – MELISSA MACKEY, SEARCH SUPERVISOR, GYRO


Kirk Williams’ Ponderings of a PPC Professional is a must-read for anyone who wants to fine-tune their PPC consultancy or agency. The book won’t replace your copy of Geddes’ or Goodman’s introductory masterpieces, but it’s a perfect augmentation of both!” – DAVID SZETELA, PRESIDENT, PAID SEARCH ASSOCIATION; FMB MEDIA, OWNER AND CEO


β€œThe majority of PPC content today is buried in the technical side of the industry. Kirk’s book is a much needed exploration of how PPC works on a philosophical level. The best PPCers I have been around think more about the evergreen topics covered in this book than the technical side of being a PPC professional.” – JON DAVIS, CO-FOUNDER, SHAPE.IO


“The keyword is dead, long live audiences. No, the keyword is alive, audiences are a fad. These and many other arguments over automation, data ownership, and more have been had by PPC managers for years. Kirk does a good job of looking through the changing viewpoints of PPC management and providing many pro and con arguments to what the future holds in PPC. If you are looking for a fun read into the mind of a PPC marketer, you’ll enjoy this book.” – BRAD GEDDES, ADALYSIS, CO-FOUNDER; AUTHOR OF ADVANCED GOOGLE ADWORDS