Kill Budget-Wasting Ads to Children’s YouTube Channels With This One Checkbox

If you run ads on YouTube, you have likely wished for an easy “exclude” option to avoid three year old fat finger clicks while watching Blippi spray ketchup on a pickup truck.

Well, rejoice advertisers in love with non-wasted spend, because there is an option to exclude “Content suitable for families” from your account level settings. This will prevent your YouTube campaigns (as well as other types targeting YouTube such as Smart Shopping Campaigns) from showing on content Google determines geared towards children, or at least, falling into this checkbox option.


exclude Content suitable for families in google ads youtube

Step #1 – Go to “Account Settings”

Step #2 – Open the “Excluded types and labels” option

Step #3 – Select the checkbox for “Content suitable for families”

Step #4 – Save Options

Step #5 – Save money by not letting snotty-nosed 4 year olds click your ads while watching shows like Ryan’s World.



Important Note: Google does not release the specific content and channels they include under this option, however they have confirmed this will help exclude children’s content. 

Another Important Note: According to well known YouTube expert, Joe Martinez of Paid Media Pros, “We’ve found that it hasn’t worked like we think. Many of the kid specific channels still go through. But then there are a lot of non-kid only channels that get bucketed under that category.”


Hope that helps you out, because of the massive inventory of YouTube videos out there, there will be no shortage of other options for you to display ads on that would be a better fit towards your non-3-year-old audience so we recommend just setting this as checked by default when you take over an account.


Oh, and don’t worry… Blippi got the ketchup cleaned off of his truck.