Learn Inbound 2019 Shopping Ads Session – Slides, Tools, and Resources

learn inbound ppckirk

learn inbound ppckirk

I had the immense privilege of speaking at a show I’ve wanted to get to for awhile, Learn Inbound in Dublin Ireland! What a great conference, amazing people, and receptive crowd. Per my usual, I spoke on Shopping Ads and keeping in mind my more generalized audience, I went from the angle of giving a high level look at everything important to know for Shopping Ads from the perspective of someone not in the accounts every day. Here are the slides for the event, and as promised, below is a list of links and resources to many other articles so you can dive deeper on a variety of topics having to do with Shopping Ads, if so inclined!







A Step-By-Step Guide To Query-Level Bidding In Google Shopping
September 3, 2015


Taking Google Shopping to the Next Level
December 8, 2014


What’s the Big Difference Between Google Shopping & Google AdWords Search?
April 19, 2018



Google Shopping Impression Share: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know – Video
June 1, 2018


The Ginormous Google Shopping Guide for the Beginner (or Anyone)
June 8, 2018



Run Google Shopping Ads on YouTube? Here are All the Ad Formats (So Far).
June 18, 2019


What Is Smart Shopping? – Part 1: The ZATO Guide to Google Smart Shopping Campaigns
July 19, 2019


How to Exclude Placements in Google Smart Shopping Campaigns
June 13, 2019


What is the Difference Between Google Shopping Actions and Google Shopping
April 26, 2019


Google Shopping Price Benchmarks: What They Are & How To Use Them
February 6, 2019


The Ideal Showcase Shopping Ads Campaign Structure
November 29, 2018


The New Google Shopping Promotions Setup: What You Need to Know
October 31, 2018


What is the Ideal Google Shopping Budget?
September 7, 2018


The Google Shopping Script to Prevent Query Bleed in Priority-Segmented Campaigns
April 14, 2017


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