How Do I Learn PPC? List of Free Google Ads Courses, Books, Blogs, and Communities

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I often get asked where a beginner should start in learning PPC. Rather than continue to re-find my list to DM someone, I decided to just write a blogpost so I could link to it, but also so others could have an easy list to send people to as well! If your cousin just got out of college and wants to begin a career in Paid Search Marketing, here are my go-to resources.

I have divided them up into various sections, as seen below. My recommendation is to not simply pick one resource out of the list, but many or all of them if you can swing it. What you will find is every course is a little different, every blog author has a unique take on things, and getting a well-rounded education on the different viewpoints of PPC is important and beneficial.

Best wishes on your journey into my favorite field!



List of Free PPC Guides & Whitepapers



List of PPC Books for Beginners



List of Free Google AdWords Courses



List of Paid PPC Courses



List of PPC Blogs to Follow


List of PPC Facebook Groups to Join


Finally, with a cautionary note:

Google Ads Skillshop – it’s worth including a cautionary note here, simply because I find Google Ads has a bit of “propaganda” included in its training courses. The reason I think it’s important to include additional educational sources rather than just sending newbs to Google, is because Google may communicate strong approval for a certain activity, that may not be as guaranteed as Google would lead a beginner to believe. It is sometimes difficult to know if it is actually a best practice used by an account manager, or simply something Google wants to be utilized more for their own benefits. Because of that, I think any beginner will find value in Skillshop, but should also use many of the other resources from people actually managing accounts on the ground level.