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5 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Improv Comedy

In General by Tim Halloran

I started improv the winter of 2015 with the hopes of improving my ability to think on my feet, a skill that’s vital in everyday life but also working in a marketing agency. We live in a world of artificiality and a “respond when it’s convenient” mindset and I was …

Making Your Euros Stretch: How to Own Limited Budget PPC

In SMB Marketing Tips by Kirk Williams

It was a delight to speak at 3XE Digital in Dublin on managing PPC well from a limited budget perspective! Thanks again for having me! To see conference details, you may visit here: 3XE Digital October 2017 My slides can be viewed here: Making Your Euros Stretch: How to Own …

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Confluence Conference Shopping Ads Slides & Links

In Ecommerce, General, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Shopping Campaigns, Presentations by Kirk Williams

2017 Confluence Conference   My 2017 Slides: Confluence Conference – New to Google Shopping? From Setup to Strategy from Kirk Williams Further Research Articles included in slides: The Art and Science Webcast on Bing Shopping New Google pilot tests Shopping ads on the Display Network 2 Feed Providers to investigate: …

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Pros and Cons of Quora Ads – A 90 Day Look

In General, Quora Ads by Tim Halloran

Before We Begin There are articles out there that share how to start advertising on Quora, so I’m not going to delve into the technical details on setting up your first campaign. Instead I want to focus on our agency’s experience with using Quora ads the past three months. If you’re …

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ZATO SMB PPC Interview on PPC Rockstars with David Szetela

In Announcements, Branding, General, Google Adwords, In the News, News, PPC Advertising, PPC Hero, Search Engine Marketing, SMB Marketing Tips by Kirk Williams

Howdy! It’s been awhile since we blogged on the ZATO blog, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to our necklines in other stuff. One of those things has been an interview with the awesome and renowned David Szetela (who co-wrote the book: AdWords An Hour a Day) on …

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Letter to a Prospect: Why Hard PPC Traffic Estimates Are Misleading

In Adwords Budgets, Campaign Strategy, General, General Marketing Principles, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, PPC Advertising by Kirk Williams

The following is an interaction I once had with a prospect. Because it is a conversation I have often, I decided it was time to get it into a blogpost as an educational tool for a broader audience. To give a little context, this letter came after multiple conversations that continued …