All the 2014 Hero Conference Presentations in One Place!

herconf 2014 speaker presentation slidedecks

2014 Hero Conference Lecture Slide Repository

herconf 2014 speaker presentation slidedecks
Today I thought, “I wish someone would have links to all the 2014 Hero Conference lecture slides in one place so those of us who didn’t attend could see them.” Then I realized I was being lazy… so here you go 🙂 Here are all the slidedecks that I could find from HeroConf 2014 so far.

(Currently they are in no particular order).

I encourage you to follow each of these speakers on Twitter, but if you just want to see a quick list of links, click here: HeroConf 2014 Link Repository.

Speakers, If I am missing any, please tweet them to me here so I can add them!! Thanks for your help!

David Pedersen – Hacking PPC with PERL

Rod Richmond – Are You Sure You Want That? Retargeting for Search Intent.

Ann Stanley – How to Set Up & Manage Adwords Shopping Ads.

Matt Umbro – Understanding & Running Profitable eCommerce Campaigns

Ian Mackie – Facebook Ads, Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Susan Wenograd – 4 Ways to Use Excel for Adwords Insights

James Svoboda – PPC Bidding Strategies: From Foundational to Flexible

John Gagnon – Heroic PPC Trends and Techniques for Marketers and Data Geeks

Robert Brady – The 4 Cornerstones of LinkedIn Success

Eric Crouch – Search Partner Presentation

Paul Corkery – Getting the Most from Bing ads

Sam Owen – Ad Extensions Presentation

Aaron Levy – Creating Lasting Client <3

Jeff Sauer – The Business of PPC: What’s the True Value?

John Lee – Target Real People Real Simple on Facebook Ads

Alexa Feckanin – The Power of Enhanced Sitelinks: Bing & Yahoo

Aaron Levy – Pretty PPC Bidding

Jeff Sauer – Evolving the Way We Measure PPC Program Value with Google Analytics

Paulo Vidali – If You Built It: User Focused Strategies for PPC

Chris Haleua – The Race to Marketing Mastery

Marc Bitanga – Growing Your PPC Program


Shared by Lisa Sanner – Google Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Guide