Book Release & Giveaway: Ponderings of a PPC Professional

ppc ponderings book kirk williams a ppc marketing book by ppckirk

Not All Who Ponder Are Lost – Book & Mug Giveaway
ppc ponderings book kirk williams a ppc marketing book by ppckirk

Do you follow @ppckirk on Twitter? Are you a ZATO client? Or maybe you’re just a person that’s into Digital Marketing and PPC? Then you may have heard, the owner of ZATO is releasing his very own PPC book later this month. October 31st to be exact.

This is a unique PPC book, in that it does not primarily consist of Pay-Per-Click tactics or technical aspects of account creation and management (better known to ZATO as “the what”), but rather the framework of philosophy (the “why”). Kirk takes his years of experience managing PPC accounts and navigating the complexities of building his agency to share insights and learnings. Whether the reader is just beginning in the world of PPC, or is a tried and true expert hoping to find new insights into common problems, Ponderings of a PPC Professional is worth the investment.

If  you are interested in snagging a pre-order or reading book reviews, then you can get more details on the PPC Ponderings Book page.


But wait! There’s more! Shazam-Wow!

To celebrate, we are giving away a free signed paperback and ZATOWorks Publishing Mug to one of our randomly selected Blog email subscribers.


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If not already a subscriber, all you have to do is signup to receive the ZATO blog by email (you can just use the form below) and you will be entered to win. If you already subscribe to our emails, don’t worry, you are automatically entered and even get an air-high-five from Kirk. You rock!


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… and of course, the 4th reason is because you’ll be entered to win a free book and ridiculously awesome ZATOWorks Publishing PPC mug!


We will be announcing the winner on Friday, October 30.

And, stay tuned for more updates on “Ponderings of a PPC Professional”!

May the auctions be ever in your favor.




Chris is tasked with growing and developing the Google Ads for Small Budget program at ZATO. He’s passionate about marketing, with 10+ years of sales and management experience and has succeeded in those fields by streamlining operations and making his team and procedures as efficient and productive as possible. Outside of work, Chris spends his time with his wife and their 2 dogs. He has called Billings home for the past 32 years and he enjoys seeing and playing concerts (that’s right… he’s in a band), spending time with friends, and hiking around the Montana mountains.