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Reach the Right People


We’re not just the people reading the expert how-to posts, we’re the ones writing them! This doesn’t mean we always know everything, but that we’re not afraid to confidently move forward with innovative ideas and management practices to keep your accounts on the cutting edge of PPC evolution.


We have an obsession with learning and implementing the most advanced PPC tactics and strategies. We keep up on the changing trends in PPC, and implement them in all of our client accounts. We don’t delve into other marketing channels, so we can go as deep as possible in Paid Media.


We see ourselves as strategic partners, rather than employees. Practically, this looks like a long-term collaborative relationship with you and your business knowledge, and us and our PPC knowledge working together at the table.


We are purposefully small. We aren’t embarrassed by our size (there are only 3 of us), we are proud of it. If you partner with ZATO, you won’t be one of 150 accounts managed by an intern. We will be obsessed with your account’s success and doing what we can in our sphere, to push you towards success.

You Need To Be Found

It’s getting harder than it used to be to be placed well on the internet. ZATO excels at targeting the right people. We identify your ideal target audience by getting to know your business in our onboarding timeframe, and beyond. We then help you find the right people and bid intelligently on the right position and placement to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck out of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, and more.

You Are Busy

We recognize that you likely have a million things to do on your Slack channel or tasklist… and that’s just for today. At ZATO, we take work off your plate by actively managing accounts seamlessly on our end and limiting your involvement to the strategic, needle-moving conversations. We are constantly at work behind the scenes, trying to make you look better. We’re not a fire and forget agency and that comes through in a million small ways, that you might not even notice.

You Need to Justify Your Investment

We get it, you can’t just spend unlimited budget and whether it is your VP, CEO, or board, you need to account for every dollar invested and demonstrate profitability and growth. At ZATO, we work with you to create custom reports for your needs. These are created based on the KPIs you and your team are most interested in seeing that will ultimately drive real action and business growth.

You Want To Put Your Best Foot Forward

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, our work is reflected through you… to your superiors or to your customers. We understand that, and it’s why we value great relationships so much. We’re in it to make you look great through good reports, quick communication response, and business growth. We can’t stress enough how much we understand this, and that comes through in our communication and work.

You Don’t Want a Novice

Believe it or not, we are purposefully small. We aren’t embarrassed by our size (there are only 3 of us), we are proud of it. If you partner with ZATO, you won’t be one of 150 accounts managed by an intern. We will be obsessed with your account’s success and doing what we can in our power of influence, to push you towards success. We don’t have a core business goal of quintupling in size by next month by overwhelming ourselves with too many accounts. We are people who love our jobs, love our families, love life, and we don’t want to ruin all that by pushing too hard for that next dollar. This doesn’t mean we don’t understand hard work, it means we won’t sacrifice hard work on your account just because another newer client comes along.

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ZATO Awards & Recognition

  • 4th Most Influential PPCer in 2017

    17K votes were cast on PPC Hero, and along with other relevant factors (such as social media presence, speaking, and writing) the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts of 2017 were chosen. https://www.ppchero.com/the-2017-top-25-most-influential-ppc-experts/

  • 1 of the Top 13 PPC Experts to Follow

    A list of the Top 13 passionate industry experts plugged-in to the latest and greatest PPC trends and releases so you can instantly gain the insights and advice you need. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/13-of-todays-top-ppc-experts-to-follow/238331/

  • 1 of 21 Best SEM Experts in 2017

    One of 21 people named a top SEM expert in 2017 on People Maven: https://www.peoplemaven.com/madison/best-sem-experts-2017.

You’ll Be in Good Company


ZATO Partner Testimonials

“My job is to grow our company into the future. Clearly, PPC is part of any good web marketing strategy. ZATO continues to play a critical role in taking our 60+ year old company and getting us in front of our potential customers in the Kalamazoo region. The personal, friendly, and professional services provided by ZATO, gives me the assistance and confidence to dominate my local market.”Clayton L., Director of Business Development
“As an e-commerce website with a national customer base and a large product catalog it was important that we partnered with someone who could handle the scope of the project. We found Kirk to be well equipped to devise and execute a PPC strategy on a national level. “Joshua Moxon, Marketing Director

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Reach The Right People

Partnering with ZATO

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Working with ZATO means you want an honest PPC company you can grow with, manage your accounts with professionalism & care, and help you achieve your goals through PPC.

We understand the effect that a choice like this can have on your leads or revenue and we don’t take that lightly.

Deciding on where you want to invest your advertising dollars is always a big decision. That’s why we always review your AdWords, Bing, or Facebook accounts to see if we would be a good fit.

Benefits of working with ZATO:
• Enterprise-Level PPC Quality with Small Agency Agility
• Monthly KPI Reports and Recommendations
• One-Stop Shop for Paid Search & Paid Social
• Value-Driven Mission of Honesty & Expertise First & Foremost