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Match Type Segmentation Wins with Google’s Exact March Matchness Update

In Campaign Strategy, General, Google Adwords, Match Type Strategy by Kirk Williams

Why Segmenting Campaigns By Match Type is the Best Structure for Google’s Exact Match Update Google AdWords released their Exact close variant update one week ago Friday. There have been a variety of reactions to it, including creative nicknaming. My two favorite nicknames are “Enhanced Exact” (first observed coming from …

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10 Puppy GIFs Related To Advertising for National Puppy Day!

In General by Tim Halloran

1. Finishing setting up a campaign you’ve been hyping to the client for awhile and intently waiting for the web traffic to start rolling in. 2. That moment when your hot dog manufacturer client wants a viral idea and you have puppies on the brain. 3. Getting ready for a PPC …

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Untangling Facebook Attribution Models

In Facebook, Google Analytics, Paid Social by Tim Halloran

Succeed at Reporting Despite Differences Between Google Analytics & Facebook Ads. Introduction How do you attribute conversions to paid social? Do you use Google Analytics exclusively or do you rely on Facebook’s ad manager to fill in the details? No doubt, you’ve run the numbers and see that they’re never …