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How to Speedily Add Expanded Text Ads into Your Entire AdWords Account

In Ad Creative Strategy, Adwords Editor, Expanded Test Ads, General, Google Adwords, PPC Advertising, PPC Chat, PPC Memes by Kirk Williams

What do a bunch of PPCers sick of regurgitating the same material over and over again do when something as big as Expanded Text Ads hits? We turn up our pent-up energetic writing activity to TEN! Or even, TWENTY.   Much has already been said on Expanded Text Ads, but I’d …

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Google Shopping GTIN Requirements Explained!

In General by Kirk Williams

I watched the Google Shopping GTIN requirement video so you don’t have to! If you run Ecommerce accounts, you have probably felt the terror of the GTIN requirement Google released. In my experience with this terror, it rests less in the knowledge of the facts around the situation, and more …

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PPC Client Communication Article Repository for 1/19 PPCChat

In Client Communication, Client Management, General, PPC Advertising, PPC Chat, Search Engine Marketing by Kirk Williams

On January 19, 2016, I had the privilege of leading a #ppcchat in which we discussed communication skills and ideas with clients and/or bosses in PPC. Here are several articles that may be helpful to you in this area, written by fellow PPCers. Also, here is the #ppcchat conversation itself …

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Hero Conf London – B2B PPC Article Repository

In General, Presentations by Kirk Williams

Thanks for listening to my Hero Conference London session. Here are my slides and the articles I referenced during the presentation, I hope they prove helpful as you dig further into B2B PPC. How to Lose Your B2B PPC Account – PPCKirk Hero Conference London from PPCKirk There is no …