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Yes, that’s right. I just rick-rolled you like an immature 11 yr old. HAHA.

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Tracking – A Remarketing Parody of Pharrell Williams: Happy

In Fun Friday, General, Google Adwords, Just for Fun, PPC Parodies, Remarketing, Videos by Kirk Williams

Perhaps you’ve heard Pharrell Williams croon an upbeat tune containing words you weren’t quite sure went together (or do you not go around clapping like a room with no roof??). Perhaps you’ve heard that song and thought, “I wish someone, anyone, would turn this song into a remarketing spoof.” If …

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All of My PPC Memes (So Far!)

In General, Just for Fun, PPC Memes by Kirk Williams

It hit me that there is nowhere I can find all my PPC Memes in one place, so here is a post of all the ppc memes I’ve personally created that pertain to the wonderful art of PPC Marketing. Enjoy them, realize that some of them are very context/people specific …

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Top 10 Posts of The ZATO Blog, 2014 Edition

In Bing Ads, General, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Google Tag Manager, Just for Fun, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Website Marketing by Kirk Williams

In 2013 made a resolution to post weekly on the blog. Errrrr… so that didn’t exactly happen, however I did post a whole lot more than I did in 2013 so that is a start! In the spirit of copy-cat behavior, I decided to try to keep up with the …