A PPC Follow Friday Meme Theme

Google Sergey Brin Bonus Money to PPCchat members ppc meme

I haven’t done a straight up fun post in awhile, so here it is. I love creating memes. I may not be any good at graphic design (I’m not being overly humble there… I’m really not. I’m like the puppy falling all over himself as he runs for the ball on unsure legs.), but I sure enjoy it.

I thought it would be fun to put some of the memes I’ve created for the PPCChat pros into one place. So I’m also making this a Follow Friday post! If you don’t currently follow any or all of these people than go do so now!!!

(P.S. Click on Any of the memes to see the twitter context!)

Also, this is completely unrelated to PPC, but it’s one of my favorite self-created-memes. This is an author of a book I read, and I couldn’t help but see how much he looked like Dana Carvey… so… this happened…

Brian Zahnd and Dana Carvey Doppelganger Meme

A word on my memes.

*These are entirely made for fun purposes, I never mean to offend or insult with them so if I make an unsolicited meme of you that offends you please do two things immediately: (1) Realize that I didn’t know this would offend you and (2) let me know immediately so I can remove said meme from the internet! It is my goal to always have memes be fun and never down on their subject.

**Also, for whatever reason, if you are not comfortable with me posting a meme of you, please DM or email me and I will leave you off the future list 🙂

***Why aren’t you included on this list? Why haven’t you been memed yet? Why were these people memed before you? Other than being one of the many mysteries in the universe, it generally means they said something meme-worthy that tickled my funny bone. So, keep having fun on PPCCHat and wait for the meme. It’s coming for you.