Top 10 Posts of The ZATO Blog, 2014 Edition

most interesting man top 10 PPC

most interesting man top 10 PPC

In 2013 made a resolution to post weekly on the blog. Errrrr… so that didn’t exactly happen, however I did post a whole lot more than I did in 2013 so that is a start!

In the spirit of copy-cat behavior, I decided to try to keep up with the cool crowd in looking through my analytics and posting my most popular posts of 2014. They are in order of traffic:

Top 10 Most Popular ZATO Posts

  1. Google Tag Manager for the Busy PPC Professional
  2. 18 Statements You May Hear in a PPC Agency (In GIFs!)
  3. All the 2014 Hero Conference Presentations in One Place!
  4. Revealed: My Go-To Google Shopping Campaign Strategy (I’m going to readily admit that I need to update this post!!)
  5. The Secret Conflict of MAP Pricing and Google Shopping
  6. 7 Things I Love About the New Adwords Editor 11
  7. Dear Google. An Open Letter From A PPC Agency
  8. Why the New Google Shopping Campaigns Scare Me
  9. Another Fun Friday PPC Meme Post
  10. Hey Stupid, Stop Insulting Your Customers

Also, they may not have been the highest traffic posts, but these are my personal favorites that didn’t make the Top 10 List:

My Favorite Blogposts (Not in the Top 10)

I hope you have a great 2015!

Keep PPCing.

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